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For friends of literature and bizarre plots, «Something rotten» offers a broad spectrum from sneaky fictioneers on the run over cheese smuggling scandals to Danish princes on a self-finding trip. Our expert for English literature, Verena, presents «Something Rotten» by Jasper Fforde.

Since the founding of American industrial metal band Hanzel Und Gretyl in 1993, their founders Kaizer von Loopy and Vas Kallas have always been criticised for glorifying the German nazi regime and using signs and symbols referring to it. But as the band leaders distanced themselves from the nazis, we decided to talk to these unorthodox guys about both their attitude towards Germany and their music which is, just like themselves, all but serious.

“Hagan sat holding his spear on top of the old Roman watch-tower, half-asleep in the midmorning sun that glittered warmly from his byrnie. Beside him lay a whetstone; his left forearm was reddened from all the times he had tried the spearpoint's edge if it was sharp enough to shave with yet. His brother Gundahari was still inside.”